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About Me

 Hi.  I'm Deland Cochran.   I re-lace and repair used baseball and softball gloves.  Back in the 80's, I worked in a sporting goods store.  From time to time, someone would come in with their ball glove and ask if I could fix it.  We sold those relacing kits that have a thin piece of lacing and a useless tool.  Maybe you've tried one.  As I fixed more gloves, I began looking for better quality lacing and better tools to use. 

Over the years, I still would relace my own glove or my son's or someone on my son's baseball team.  Now he has finished playing college baseball and will move on to softball.  
The more gloves I fixed, the better I got at it. Now, over 27 years and thousands of gloves later, I still enjoy helping people keep their favorite glove on the field. 

Then one day I got the idea of offering my services to others via the internet.  I know a lot more about gloves than I do the web or computers, so please excuse my lack of web savy. 

I would love to help you with your glove.  Please contact me and we will get started.

Years ago, a friend described me as a simple man.  I thought it was kind of an insult at the time.  But since then I've discovered that it's a gift to be simple.  I'm thankful for it.  I try to treat others right.   My mother still lives nearby and she would get very angry if she found out that I did anyone wrong, so I stay on the straight and narrow like she raised me.  My wife is a great support to me.  She has seen the before and after gloves, and has seen the smile on someone's face when they got their finished glove back.  She hopes you will let me help you with your glove.

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