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"Hey guy I need help with baseball mitt repair. My buddy told me about you. He said you really know your stuff. Can I send you my mitt and let you do your magic?" Yes, I'm here when you need me. Send your mitt now.....  deland

109 Lancaster Way, Newnan, GA   30263

(404) 644-3679



Dear Deland,
I just wanted to thank you again for fixing my husband's glove. When he opened it Christmas morning it looked like he had won the lottery he was so happy! He thought you did an amazing job.... Phyllis in Georgia

Every glove has a story...

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Hi, and thanks for visiting New Life Gloves.  I’ve been in the baseball glove lacing game for more than 30 years now.  If you have a baseball or softball glove that has busted laces, busted thumb loops, etc. and you need someone to fix the problem for you, then you’ve come to the right place.  Baseball glove restoration is my passion. 


Please contact me for a price quote.  You can click on the menu for more information on costs and contact information.   I live in a small town in Georgia.  People just like you send their gloves from all over the US and Canada (and some from over seas) for repair.  I go to tournaments throughout the year and fix gloves on the spot.  All together, I fix hundreds of gloves each year, thousands in my lifetime.  If you need help relacing a glove, I'd love to help you. Quick turn around….6 colors available



(404) 644-3679

(Eastern time zone)


"Where do I go for relacing baseball gloves?"  Go to New Life Gloves of course....

"Deland..... My son's glove busted and I can't repair baseball glove.  Can you  help?"

Yes, just get your glove to me and I'll take good care of you....  d

"Hi Deland.... I found my husband's old high school glove in the attic.  I would love to give it to him as a surprise.  Can I send it to you to relace glove?"    Yes, I've helped many people in the same situation as yours.  I would love to help you with a great surprise for your husband.  Send your glove and we will get started.... d

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